Enduring in Faith - 2020 Calendar

Enduring in Faith - 2020 Calendar

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2020 calendar featuring twelve of Clark's religious paintings, including those listed below:

  • It's True Sir - All Present and Accounted For
  • Ephraim K. Hanks - Following the Spirit
  • Truly This Man was the Son of God
  • Shall We Not Go On in So Great A Cause? 
  • Zion in Her Heart
  • Moroni and the Title of Liberty
  • There Indeed
  • Daniel and the Lion's Den
  • I Will Go
  • Dan Jones Awakens Wales
  • Trail of Sacrifice, Valley of Promise
  • Rescue at the Sweetwater 

Note: Pre-order price is $13.99 and will be available until November 15th. After November 15th regular price will increase to $22.99. 

Dimensions: 12 by 12 inches
Saddle Stitched