Packing Out of the Togwotee 24x36

Packing Out of the Togwotee 24x36

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Size: 24x36 inches
Medium: Oil on canvas

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About this Art:

The Togwotee Mountain Range is east of Jackson Hole. This painting depicts packing some elk meat out of that country in the late fall. The name Togwotee itself is a Shoshoni Indian name which means “to stab.” It comes from the Shoshoni Sheepeater Tribe who lived in that area and their main source of meat was not buffalo or elk, but big horn mountain sheep. I’m not sure how or who named it that, but I do know the Sheepeater Indians would ambush the big horn sheep in places where they could not escape, and take the sheep with spears. They made bows out of the big horn sheep horns. Their horns made the strongest, most powerful bows, the best in the west.They say a good horn bow was worth 10 good horses in trade. I’ve seen them before, they’re beautifully and artistically made. I painted a scene about this titled "The Shoshoni's - Makers of the Coveted Horn Bow"